QT Waist Nipper Maternity Support Belt

QT Postpartum Waist Nipper Support Belt
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QT brand Waistnipper Postpartum support belt The QT 12" Abdominal Binder/Waist Nipper provides compression in the upper and lower abdomen and is appropriate for someone recovering from C-Section, liposuction and tummy tuck. This garment improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling after the procedure, flushes the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerates the healing process, and allows the patient to return to daily routines sooner.

This compression garment also provides support to surgical areas for more comfort and helps the skin fit better to it new contours. Other surgical procedures that may necessitate the use of an abdominal binder include things like liposuction. Alternately sometimes women will wear one after a Cesarean section, or after natural childbirth to help aid in compression.

Additional uses for the binder could be to help with abdominal or pelvic cramping, bladder problems, Braxton-Hicks contractions, or to minimize movement of hernias prior to surgery. In regard to binders used during pregnancy, most are much smaller in width and fit underneath the belly, and these may help provide additional support for stomach and back muscles that are put under strain as pregnancy progresses.